Netizen 24 IRL: McGrath critical of negative view of disability in referendum campaign

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McGrath critical of negative view of disability in referendum campaign

Minister of State for Disability Finian McGrath has said there is no evidence that repealing the Eighth Amendment would result is in fewer children with disabilities being born in Ireland.
Mr McGrath criticised those who had "negatively" raised the disability issue in the referendum campaign.
He said that as a minister and as a parent of a daughter with an intellectual disability this was wrong.

He said it was being implied by some that given a choice parents would have an abortion rather than a child with disabilities and this was not right.

Minister McGrath also said the Eighth Amendment discriminates against women with disabilities.
He said people with disabilities should always be free to make decisions about their personal and private life and all barriers to equality should be removed.

The minister was speaking at a joint press conference organised by Inclusion Ireland and Together for Yes.

"Women with disabilities often have more complex medical needs. Normal, good medical practice would be that a woman is cared for by her own medical team at home rather than having to travel," Together for Yes spokesperson Dr Mark Murphy said.
The founder of Disabled People Together for Yes, Evie Nevin said: "It is hard enough for able bodied people to access abortion, never mind the added barriers of accessibility, mobility, finances and illness that goes with having a disability."

Source: Google News

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